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Hi. I'm Saiara. Animation has been my passion since I was a kid and I'm grateful to be able to take it into the future. The range of possibility through the artform of kinetic imaging is out of this world. I love to design, storyboard, and create animations, video, and sound art. My styles range far and wide, and starting with a vision, I can execute a variety of different projects.I have a passion for tech, art, and learning. I strive to bring my imagination to life through visuals, sounds, and experiences. 

BFA in Kinetic Imaging VCU '22

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Unreal Engine, Ableton Live, and more. 

Always Growing.


Inspired by reality and unreality. Multi-faceted artist with an appetite.

2D, 3D, Live Footage


Motion Graphics 

Photography & Film

Sound Design


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